Monday, October 17, 2016

around and around we go

around and around we go

No way, did Tiffany want to be a downer. After all, Irwin broke up with her over the phone.

She had it all planned out, for what seemed like weeks, how she'd break it to him. It would be after dinner, preferably at some place neutral. And it would be a 'let's be friends'  kind of thing. Not this.. "I'm really busy in school now, and this just isn't a good time to be dating." OK, it wasn't all bad. But still, she really hated having to hear something like that... before having to do this zoo thing.

At least, Gordy could go. And he drove. She was so exhausted by lunch time, she wished she could crawl into bed. But no, there were those huge burgers to try at KING KONG.

Thankfully, there was laughter and it was a day out with the kids. Brick wasn't a monster. And she knew she didn't have anything to do with it.

So, this was Mr. Mayberry. It was a nice little surprise. Gordy was a good teacher. Honestly, she wished she'd tried to put two and two together. After all, she was probably the one getting dumber.

There was lots to see. And she did her best to take it all in, on the camera of her phone.

On their ride home, Tiffany sent a picture to her sister Brittany, who texted her right back.

"What are you doing with Mom's boyfriend?"

Tiffany just glared at the text.

"What's the matter?" Gordy looked over at her, in the passenger seat.

"Oh..its..its probably nothing." Tiffany sighed. Still, she couldn't help to stare at him for a moment. How did Gordy know her mother?


Anonymous said...

Poor Tiffany.

Liza said...

Well this took a turn!