Sunday, October 2, 2016



Gordy did feel a bit out of his element. Honestly, he couldn't remember the last football game he ever went too. the University. He'd been a cheerleader his Freshman year. Oddly, they'd needed someone to catch girls.

But this was high school, and it was homecoming and it seemed the place to be tonight. It wasn't long until he found someone he knew. Garvin. They'd worked together on the set at the Little Theater, but he hadn't seen him since.

They chatted about the weather, but not much else. Gordy moved on into the crowded stands. He'd see some teacher he might have met, a parent. For a moment, he wished he'd actually asked someone to come with him. He did feel he was standing out. And then someone waved to him from up in the stands, The band was nearby.

He looked at her for a moment. And then he smiled. This was unbelievable.

"What are you doing here?" He said after he made his way up the stadium steps. He felt a little awkward, but not much as he squeezed by and sat next to an old friend.

"Oh, you don't know." Her smile was infectious. "I live here now."

"Do you? Wow, that's really great." Gordy couldn't help but smile. "I don't remember the last..time..I" He'd have to think a moment. He'd met Tessa in the campus lunch line, so long ago.

"Well, you'd know where I was... if you hadn't been a cheerleader." She informed him.

"Yeah, right." He looked away at the cheer squad. Not a male in sight. "It was only my Freshman year."

"And then there was the drama." She reminded him, he was always at the theater.

" were with.." Gordy winced. "What was his name? Weren't you going to marry him or something?" He knew why he never saw her after Freshman year. Somebody didn't like him around.

Yes, there was a time, he almost thought she might be his girlfriend. They'd talked so much then. He even remembered what she'd said to him in the lunch line. "I bet our kids would be really tall."

He'd laughed back then. Now he wondered if he laughed too much. Maybe no one took him serious back then. Or was he just too serious to begin with?

"Don't even mention him." She gave him the eye. They were not to speak of Jude.

Gordy noticed the ring on her finger. Well, she had to be with someone.

Gordy watched the game, but soon found Garvin making his way up the stands.

"What are you doing here?" Garvin then asked as he sat on the other side of Tessa.

"What? You know, Gordy?" Tessa looked at Garvin.

"Oh." Gordy wished he'd stopped by the concession stand. He really wished he had something to put in his mouth at the moment.

"Old friend from college." Tessa then nodded.

"I was a cheerleader." Gordy shrugged.

"Huh." Garvin chuckled.

Gordy smiled back. It was a terribly small world.

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Definitely a small world. :)