Monday, October 3, 2016

at the game

at the game

There was just something cool about being at a football game without parents. Brick couldn't help but think about it. Yes, he was at the game with his uncle's girlfriend. Somehow, she talked Rosie into going.

He knew it wasn't a date. In fact, he didn't care much to know what a date was. After all, he got to listen to Rosie ask a ton of questions about the Homecoming dance. No way, was Brick going to let anyone know how he danced. He'd only dance in the dark.

Rosie laughed when he told her this.

"What?" He looked at her as if it was best they could be honest with each other. They were friends? Weren't they? They walked to school together each morning and waited for each other in the afternoon. Sometimes, they got on the merry-go-around at the little park. But not everyday. He'd hate to get used to something like that. Expecting such happiness. Because, he knew it would be only a matter of time..until she was really serious..about a boyfriend.

"You, really..only dance in the dark?"

Of course, the conversation ended. The crowd roared when Dewey made a touchdown. After all, Brick was proud of him.

It wasn't long until he went to stand in line for corndogs and drinks. Rosie stayed with Angie, who was talking to some of her classmates. Actually, it was a bit of a let down.

As Brick was walking to the concession stand he noticed his teacher Mr. Mayberry sitting with some woman. It was nice Mr. Mayberry noticed him. He waved. Brick waved back.

So, Mr. Mayberry was married. Brick expected as much. He bet Mr. Mayberry had a nice family, but Brick doubted he had any kids as old as him. He went and stood in the long line. It was a task he really didn't want, but he was a guy. This was obviously a man thing to do. Still, it took a lot out of him, to be patience. He was trying to act the way his Aunt Brit wanted him too.  He was not suppose to be thinking about cursing. Only, he was. It was his first love, after all.

"Hey," Someone caught him off guard. "Enjoying, the game?" It was Mr. Mayberry.

"Uh-huh." Brick nodded. "You're here with your wife?"

"What?" He shook his head, yet he was almost laughing. "Just an old friend from college. She's here with her husband."

"Oh." Maybe, Mr. Mayberry wasn't as perfect as Brick thought. Still, Mr. Mayberry's smile was enlightening. As if it was OK to do things alone. Even in a crowd waiting for concession food.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sometimes being alone isn't the worst thing in the world.