Tuesday, October 4, 2016

just the two of us

just the two of us

Tiffany wasn't sure what to do. No date tonight.

She was suppose to be with Irwin right now, but something came up, and he couldn't make it. School stuff.

Maybe it was a good thing, she didn't see him, after all. She knew there were some things she had to come clean about, but it bothered her to think what Irwin would say.

She decided to go for a walk. Only, she didn't even get out of the apartment complex.

Funny, how she thought of all the things she could do alone, but she didn't want to go for a walk in the dark. Suddenly, she thought of her mother's friend who had been assaulted while out of a run, late at night.

Naturally, her mother said it was her friend's own damn fault. Tiffany was nine then. Of course, her mom made everything scary. Even Christmas.

Tiffany didn't want to be scared now, either. She steadied herself down on the swing in the complex playground. Yes, Irwin would know she was a bad person, soon enough. Maybe he already suspected it.

Oh, how she hated all the things about herself that made her think of her mother. She did not want to be her mother. Why couldn't she be a nicer person? Perhaps it wasn't in her nature, after all.

She set in the tight sling-shot of a swing. Who were they making these swings for? Everything was making her bitter.

"What are you doing here? All by your lonesome." It was a sweet voice, but she couldn't smile when she looked up at him.

"Not much of anything." Tiffany fumed.

 It was Gordy, and of course, his pleasant self. She knew it was genuine.

"Where have you been?" She tilted her head, thinking he must never have a bad day.

"The football game." He got in the swing next to her. "I left in he 4th quarter. We were winning. Didn't want to be in a traffic jam."

"Oh." She was a little hesitant to say much else.

"Want to walk with me to the Come & Go. All drinks are a dollar. My treat." He was out of the swing in no time. He even offered her a hand.

What did she have to lose, she guessed she could go to the gas station with him.

"I thought you'd be out with your boyfriend." He then mentioned. His hands were in the pockets of his jacket now.

"Something came up." She sighed.

Gordy only nodded. "Well, maybe tomorrow will be better." As usual, he was always optimistic.

"I doubt it." She play the opposite of his game.

"But..you don't know that..for sure." His smile did have its perks.

"Well..sooner or later..he's gonna find out I'm a liar." Tiffany felt the cold of October, ever so suddenly. A northern front must have arrived. Just her luck they'd be caught in the rain.

It wasn't long until they got to the land of drinks. Hot. Cold. The counter kept expanding with so many options, but they both went for coffee and added a shot of caramel and cream. It wasn't long until they were on their walk back.

It did feel colder.

"You, make it sound so terminal. What did you lie about?" He wanted to know as he sipped his coffee.

"I didn't mean to lie." She then sighed, as she held on to the hot steaming coffee with both hands. "I didn't exactly..he..he thought he knew me when ..when we were in middle school..or maybe before then." She winced trying to figure out how to explain this to Irwin. "He..he thought I was the girl who kept giving him Valentines day candy. Every year..." She took a sip of her sweet creamed coffee. "But it wasn't me."

"See, that wasn't so hard." Gordy's smile was open.

She looked at him as if he didn't count.

"Think of me..as..just practice." He shrugged and took another sip of coffee. "You, can tell me again, if you want."

Tiffany sighed, but this time she didn't feel quite so miserable.

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Tiffany and Gordy have a cute connection!