Wednesday, October 5, 2016

just a phone call away

just a phone call away

" was wild." Hannah smiled brightly as she talked into her phone to Macy. She'd never been to a football game before. There was so much excitement. Hannah could barely hear herself think at the game.

 "We went with some friends of Stuart's." She liked to give him a proper name. Not Stu. He wasn't a winter time dish.

If only Macy could come over. Somebody, she wanted to see. Not her brothers. OK, Ellis.. she missed. Emmett not so much.

She wouldn't bring up all the shouting. For a minute or so.. last week, she seriously thought her brother might beat Stu to a pulp. Of course, she begged him not too. Finally, she promised she'd come back to work.

"But, its too much." She knew their was help from the deaf guy, Jung. Still, she didn't want to be at the funeral home, night and day. "You, need to hire more help." She finally told him.

Now, Hannah wanted to focus on Macy.

"You, can tell me, everything." She then said. "I want to help."

It was then Macy told Hannah about the pregnancy.

Hannah was in total shock. She wanted to know when that happened? Who was she seeing?

"Its..its someone I..I never talk about." Macy finally explained.

Hannah listened as she watched Stu rake the golden leaves in the front yard. She knew she should be helping, but this was serious. Macy was pregnant.

" Dad knows?" Another shocker. Macy was so adamant about being on her own. Of course, she did have a lot of support from friends.

Still, Macy wasn't moving home.

"I'm going to move in with Draco." Macy said as if this matter would be resolved quickly.

"Draco?" Instantly, she thought of Harry Potter. She wasn't sure she liked the sound of his name. This could mean trouble. Finally, Hannah clicked the call off.

"What's the matter?" Stu wanted to know.

"Oh, that Macy." Hannah shook her head. "She really gets around."

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Hannah wouldn't be so judgemental about Macy. :/