Wednesday, October 26, 2016

its gotta happen

it's gotta happen

"Are you kidding me?" Frankie looked at J.D., as if he must have had a memory loss. Hadn't they decided?  They would never throw a party at the house.

"Come on, its Halloween." J.D. begged. "You, just gotta."

Frankie sighed. He didn't like the idea one little bit. Besides, there was the three of them. Smed never wavered. He was always on the go. Frankie hardly ever saw him. Sometimes, he was shocked when he'd actually see Smed come out of his room. Honestly, he was the quiet one. Unlike J.D. who couldn't get away from Fraternity life.

"Why?" Frankie couldn't help but scowl. He did have a job, after all. And University classes. It was still a full load. He barely managed to keep a coffee date with his twin sister, Vada. "I don't like parties. You said, you never ever wanted to party, again."

"I know." J.D. shrugged a sleepy look. "Its just, we've got this big place, know..make some money off it. Don't, you think?"

"Money?" Frankie was listening.

"Yeah, if..we charge like 10 bucks a head, we could easily pay for the party and have some left over, for the next holiday."  J.D. smirked.

Frankie looked at him a bit bewildered. Was that all J.D. had on his mind? Making money? Or was it something else?

Frankie hugged himself hard. He didn't want to see this happening, but J.D.'s so called alter ego had a way of persuasion.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This is so not going to end well.