Thursday, October 27, 2016



Effy  heard a rumor.

It was suppose to be the most fantastic party of the fall. It was off campus.

She couldn't help to listen in. She wondered if that guy she'd met at the beginning of the semester would be there. She hadn't seen him since he helped her and her brother move her into the dorm.

Effy missed him.

Funny, how she'd set her eyes on him, when she hadn't meant too. Oh, she hadn't forgotten his name. Jaime.

She hadn't forgot about his dark eyes and his full lips. Effy sighed at the thought of him, even now.

She so wanted to see him, again. As it was, she thought she might be forgetting his face. His dark curls.

It was beginning to be so sad, but what if Jamie was at the party? What if?

It gave her a surge of happiness to recharge her day. However, she'd been slumped over her Biology book in the library. What was she ever going to need Biology for? She was going to be a clothing designer.

She didn't even know why she started her,e anyway. Oh..yeah..her brother Smed was here.

Although, she never ever saw him. It was true, they were not close. It wasn't intentionally. It was the way they grew up. She supposed.

He was always somewhere..where she wasn't. And now that she was here...what was the point?

Back to Jamie? She doubted he remembered her.

Yet, there was a moment, she just knew they'd be inseparable. Had something happened to him?

She sighed, hoping she'd see him at this infamous party, that everyone was going too.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope there's a reunion between the two of them tonight!