Friday, October 28, 2016

what could possibly go wrong?

what could possibly go wrong?

Xander was a little puzzled.

Up, until now, he'd hardly said much to Joey, other than to ask if he needed anything.

It felt as if everything was going OK with him, here. Joey did spend a lot of time with Dakota.

Xander didn't want to butt in. He knew they had a lot of catching up to do.

Honestly, he was a little sad he wasn't there to take Dakota to school nor to pick her up. He gave Joey the opportunity, and the transition was going smoothly.

Also Xander started classes in nursing. He'd passed a few tests that opted him out of regular academic classes. Of course, Ducky was proud of him.

All the while with so much happening, he didn't have time to make a trip to Texas. Maybe it was best not to get mixed up in his real mother's family. They'd gone this long without ever knowing him.

Besides, this was his family. And life was simple. Even Ducky was getting used to more people at the dinner table.

But tonight, a girl was making dinner.

He shot a look at Joey who was setting the table.

"Oh..that's..that's just Corina." Joey looked at him, Finally, he explained they worked together. "Trust me, its a good thing she's here."

Xander nodded, not sure what he meant.

"I'm just helping her out." Joey said he'd wash the dishes. " and Ducky..could go to a movie or something." Joey had already made the neighborhood rounds and Old Towne businesses for trick or treating with his daughter Dakota.

"What?" Xander winced as if he was now a bit suspicious. What was Joey planning?

"Or..or you could watch a marathon of Portlandia with us on Netflix." Joey shrugged.


"Coriana's from Portland. She loves the show." Joey bit a grin.

Xander sighed. This was not what he thought babysitting would be about. He wondered just how long Corina would be here.