Saturday, October 29, 2016

That's me in the corner

That's me in the corner

Of course, Jamie wouldn't miss THAT PARTY. After all, his new found friends from the University were going. It might be the last night call they made before joining the Emergency room schedule. Someone told him this, but he knew it would be probably late spring before he saw a real emergency room.

Still, he was happy to be part of the group. Most were made up of individuals like himself. Yet, he needed to find his own ride there. No one seemed to want to be a designated driver. Besides, the off campus party wasn't that far from the campus.

But it felt kind of funny to have to pay money at the door. After all, this was a kegger. His other buddies were pleased at this cheap thrill. Didn't he know he was getting a bargain? And it was Halloween.

Jamie hesitated. The music was so loud and the lights were pulsating in the darkness. He thought he might have a headache, already.

Was it possibly? She might be here?

Why couldn't he have classes on the main campus? He went to classes near a hospital.

Sure, he'd told his mother what she wanted to hear about Effy.  Only, he hoped he would see her, way before now.

Why did life have to be so complicated? He'd missed his mom so much while living with his dad. And now that he was here, he didn't care if he saw his mom or not. Especially, if she was going to be a control freak over his love life.

Naturally, he didn't have one. He knew he needed to focus on being a doctor.

Jamie went into the party, a little grim. Why would a wonderful girl like Effy be at a bad party like this?

People were playing drinking games in the kitchen. Some were dancing in the dark of the livingroom. Really, Jamie knew it wasn't his cup of tea. It couldn't be Effy's cup of tea.

And then he thought he saw someone he knew. She was in the corner.

Suddenly, his heart ached. He knew why he was here? He need to know if Effy was as genuine as he imagined.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope the answer is what he hoped.