Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jamie and Effy

Jamie and Effy

Everyone else was going. Effy kept reminding herself this as she made her way through the thick crowd.

Everyone, but Corina. Effy wished she was here.

Maybe they weren't best friends, but then again, who was there... always for each other? It wasn't her other two suite mates, Laney and Holly.

Holly was never there. She was in a relationship with an Englishman. Laney..well, she was the worst.

A poor little rich girl who complained about everything.

Yes, a real headache to put up with..but Laney had a car and Effy was practically ordered to go.

If only Corina was here.

She was teaching Effy how to knit. Effy wished she was back at the dorm knitting. Even crocheting. Something.

Why..did she think she'd find Jamie?

Still, she was a little familiar with the house. She thought. But it was hard to tell in the dark. After all, she hadn't found the bathroom yet. Actually, she wasn't sure what she might find in the bathroom. People were drinking all sorts of things. Smoking too.

And it was getting hot in here. People were starting to shed clothing.

Effy shivered. She was not one of those girls. She'd paid her ten bucks and nothing to eat. Nothing. Just beer. She hated beer.

Of course, she'd lost Laney who was after the guy who was running the party.

Effy watched them argue for some time. She didn't know where they were now.

Effy hugged herself tightly, thinking it must have been a Halloween party, after all. Some wore masks.

Those stupid clown masks. Why was this gimmick becoming so popular? She'd heard on the news, clowns were now doing bank robberies and convenience store holdups.

How was she ever going to get out of here?

And then she saw his smile and she knew who he was right away. She couldn't help to hope he made his way to her corner of the room.

"Hi." She thought he said. He grabbed her arm as if he might float away. "I..I should have called you."

She only nodded. Thankfully, they headed outside together as if this was the answer to everything.

In spite of the fresh air, a few were already throwing up on the lawn.

Effy looked at him, hoping they could move on.

"Want to get out of here?"

She nodded.

It wasn't long until she was buckled in to his little Honda FIT and they drove away from the house.

"I think my brother lives there." She winced.

"You think?" Jamie looked at her with a smile. Effy only shrugged.

Soon enough, they made their way to the diner and found the back booth.

"Did you come with someone?" Jamie wondered if she should text them.

Effy's frown was small, but she guessed he was right. "I dunno, if it'll matter." Effy told him she doubted her roommate remembered.

"It must be hard to live with a roommate." Jamie looked so pleasant, as if he was just as nice as she'd dreamed he would be.

"I live with three other people. We share a bathroom." She pressed her lips tight. "Its..its not like I hate them, or anything. We get along, pretty well. I like my roommate Corina. The other two, I dunno so well. Holly has a boyfriend. Corina might have one, who she works with and then there is Laney."

"I live with my mother." Jamie sighed. "At least, you live in the dorm." He told her he used to live with his father.

When the coffee came with Chocolate cream pie, Effy knew paying to get into that party was worth it, after all.

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