Monday, October 31, 2016

trick or treat

say it ain't so

What in the world was J.D. thinking? He should have known it would have been a MAD HOUSE. But it was Halloween, and there was a certain madness that went with the holiday. He supposed.

Oh, he didn't really know. He just couldn't help himself. How had he talked Frankie into this? It was his house.

Sure, there was the frenzy of happiness he endured in the beginning. The excitement of  a college kegger aka Halloween party. It would be legendary. Maybe..just maybe..he could make a living this way. Wouldn't that be the life?

But the people were pouring in and he was making cash. Especially, when they came in twos, no..fours..sixes...a bunch of people packed the house. It was amazing!

And then it got scary.

It didn't help to have this silly little creature, practically climbing all over him like a bad leech.

He hadn't expected that. After his first semester of dating a dozen or so girls, some he just slept with, he'd been rather calloused about seriously meeting someone. And he wasn't going to pay any attention to this Laney. After all, he'd been with lots of prettier girls.

Laney was a basket of emotions. And her icky voice turned that smile of his into a scowl. J.D. never let that happen.

Maybe she wore him out. So many questions.

He was busy, keeping track of his money. Making sure the music kept going and NO ONE BROKE ANYTHING.

He hadn't left anything out.

Of course, the furniture Frankie did have came from Good Will, anyhow. So what if someone barfed on the couch. J.D. had money for that.

This was a party, people would want to come back too. Well, that was a few hours ago, when J.D. wasn't so tired and there was enough beer for everyone.

It was getting out of control.

Someone took the couch outside. Another, messed up the bathroom.

After while, J.D. could hardly keep his cool. And then, he didn't really care.

As long as he had enough beer for himself was all he really wanted. Who cared what tomorrow could bring.

The police?

It was amazing..that didn't happen. He'd forgot Frankie wasn't even there.  The party went on..into the wee hours of the morning. People started bringing in their own booze. Seriously, J.D. liked these people. In spite of the walls being spray painted with graffiti. Honestly, they were a creative bunch.

And when daylight hit the next day...well, J.D. wasn't alone in his own bed.

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