Tuesday, November 1, 2016

the pain of it

the pain of it

Frankie wished he'd found some other place to go, but Alo was a welcoming face, with no questions about why he'd let J.D. have  his way about the party. They'd watched a marathon of Halloween Simpsons.

Of course, there was Vada and he didn't mention anything about the Halloween party at his house..until..well after midnight, when she thought it was a little weird that he wasn't in his own bed.

"WHAT!" It was as if she was fully awake about the situation. "You have to call the cops. You have too."

Frankie looked at her as if he couldn't do that.

Alo put his arm around here.

"I'm sure it'll be fine."

"No." Vada didn't believe him. "Why would you let him have a party at your house?" Her words hurt him, to hear. He didn't have a good answer for her.

Actually, he didn't feel like fighting with J.D. He'd said his say about the matter and decided it would be best if he wasn't there. So he went to the boarding house where Vada's boyfriend Alo lived.

"He should be arrested." Vada's eyes were so big with concern about J.D.

Frankie knew she had a point. He wasn't as strong as his sister. He was weak. Always had been. He didn't even have an official breakup with Lottie, and he knew she was with Bear. Frankie could hear her laughing softly in the next room.

That was enough to bare.

"I'm sorry." His voice cracked.

"You, have nothing to be sorry about." She said she was going to check out this Halloween party.

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