Wednesday, November 2, 2016

say it ain't so

say it ain't so

Vada wasn't going to let J.D. get away with this.

"Who does he think he is? James Dean!" She couldn't help but spit back at both Frankie and Alo.

"Well..I think that is actually his name." Frankie winced as if they'd both felt J.D. had been a Heather's reference, all along.

Vada was really in a huff.

She really wanted to call the cops. Still Alo and Frankie begged her not too. It was Halloween. Everyone wanted a little fun on Halloween.

Of course, no one would like the fun she'd been a part of the last couple of weeks at the Community center where she worked with Hispanic children. There had been all sorts of treats. From pumpkin carvings to pumpkin pie making. A pot luck and even trunk n' treating in the parking lot.

This Halloween party was not family fun.

She went to get in her car. Naturally, Alo and Frankie followed after her. Alo rode shot gun and Frankie got in the backseat. It was well after 2 in the morning, but Vada drove on into the night, thinking if she saw a thing out of place at Frankie's, she was calling the cops.

When they got there it was fairly dark. A few stragglers were out cold on the lawn. She shook her head. Of course, the place was unlocked and it looked as if it the livingroom took a beating.

"How could you let him do this!" She was steamed, as she went to check out the upstairs. Of course, she found J.D. and who he was with, right away. No way, was she going to let him sleep through this disaster.

"Get UP!" She pulled off the sheets. Thankfully, he was only half naked. The girl was in her underwear.

Of course, her wake up call left J.D. stunned. The girl in shock.

"There's a new sheriff in town." She swelled a frown, eyeing him over. "If you want to stay here, you clean this mess up now!"

Yes, Vada was moving in. Someone was going to have to keep order in this house. She guessed.. it would have to be her.

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