Thursday, November 3, 2016

today's the day

Today's the day

Jung guessed Ellis hated working at the funeral home, even if Hannah came back. She put in full days, but didn't stay around at night.

"I guess he's always been a musician." She told Jung that her brother could play just about an instrument he picked up. "That's why Stuart has to give him a chance."

Jung was startled at the news that Ellis might be leaving.

"It won't be like that. I mean, he'll put in his days here, but he can work at night at the recording studio. Bands are never awake during the daytime."

This gave Jung a chuckle. Hannah was her old self. She invited him and Irma to dinner. Still, she was staying quiet around her older brother. After all, he didn't like that she'd moved in with Stuart. But he wasn't fussing about it. He was only giving her the silent treatment.

She then apologized in sign language to Jung. She hadn't meant to offend him.

Jung only smirked back. His phone vibrated in his pocket. It was Irma. She was in labor. Could  he meet her at the hospital?

Of course, Jung wasn't sure how he'd get there. Hannah grabbed Ellis as soon as he finished up his piano number in the chapel.

"You, have to take him to the hospital." Hannah told him.

Jung felt as if he shouldn't bother her brothers.

He signed, that Hannah have to be alone with Emmett.

She only pursed her lips and promised she could handle it. After all, she had Ellis bring the car around the back.

This is the biggest day of  your life. She signed to him.

Jung only smiled. He had no idea what to expect. In spite of all the classes he'd taken with Irma on the topic of BABY CARE, he wasn't sure he was really ready for the real deal. It was a little scary, but he was excited too.

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