Thursday, October 13, 2016

nothing like a hello from an old friend

nothing like a HELLO from an old friend

Holly hadn't expected her friend to be so love sick over someone she met at the library. But Corina was a newbie at the Uni, Holly guessed she should have expected it.

She gave Corina a hug before she scurried off to do some studying. If only Dustin would show up. He was working on a paper. She guessed she could be doing some rewriting of notes, but...there was Freddie who she hadn't seen forever, and she wasn't her naturally happy self.

"What's up?" Holly wanted to know. "Let me buy you a drink." Of course, it would be a milkshake from the food court.

Freddie's frown grew. She was certainly not that wild girl Holly knew over the summer, who seemed to be in control of everything.

"How's California?" Holly meant Freddie's girlfriend, not the state.

"I guess..OK." Freddie managed to say.

"How about you? I..I haven't seen you since July. I thought you went home..or something." Holly looked her over.

Freddie hugged herself so tightly.

Holly went on to get her a milkshake.

"It can't be that bad." Holly thought Freddie was on top of the world. Holly was fascinated by her feminist flare and her relationship with California. Nothing was going to break their world.

"But it is." Freddie sighed. It seemed there was a little problem between her and California. His name was Keith.

Holly almost made a face of disgust.

Freddie was going to have his baby in April.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Holly seems a little unhinged sometimes. :/