Wednesday, October 12, 2016

in the twilight of it

in the twilight of it

Corina knew what her roommates would say if they knew who she liked. They would be yelling at her about now.

"Have you LOST YOUR MIND." She knew they'd say Joey was a sicko because he was in a half-way house. Or whatever they called that place.

Still, she couldn't help it.

She was tired of all the guys she knew from the Fraternity parties and what ever else that college life offered.

Joey was different. Well, maybe a little indifferent. But he was warming up to wasn't he?

Not that they'd done anymore than maybe share a meal together, or a joke. She wasn't quite sure he found her funny. Possibly, annoying.

But he made her laugh. It felt like a party going on... inside the core of her. The heart hummed a tune of love or was it just lust?

She wouldn't know. Yet, she couldn't help to smile happily when he put his arm around her. The weight of him felt so perfect, tucked in next to him.


The dinner party was so dizzy. She was drunk on the idea that she might have a boyfriend now.

But then she pondered, was if the idea of a boyfriend..or was it, how she truly felt about Joey?

"I really don't know." She told Holly in the campus commons, a few days after the party. "I like him so much."

"You, need to pace yourself." Holly shrugged and reached for her pumpkin spiced shake. She sighed. "Don't do'll regret."

Corina nodded.

"He has a little girl." Corina knew.

"Wow, really?" Holly looked at her in total shock. "My boyfriend, used to live with this girl and her baby, when he was back in England."

Corina didn't care about that story. Couldn't Holly tell her something she wanted to know?

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe Holly has a bit of info that Corina needs to hear.