Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oh, so fondly

oh, so fondly

"Oh." Sheena looked at Joey as if she hadn't meant to rush anyone, but she really did have to wash her hands before she could eat. "Sorry."

"No." He shook his head no, as if he was the one sorry.  He quickly passed by her.

Funny, he smelled of lemons and lavender. She thought of a fellow her mom used to see when she was younger. A friend her mother worked with. She hadn't smelled that fresh scent in a long time.

Soon enough, she used the bathroom and got back to the party.

There wasn't a huge crowd, still, quite a few for a dinner party. She knew everyone there, Even the neighbors up the street, a young  blond fellow and his Korean girlfriend. But she didn't know who the long haired fellow was.

She saw him behind the tiny girl. Sheena smiled. She thought they were a cute couple. Then she wondered what other people thought of her and Omaha, together.

Of course, Omaha was already into to the dips. He crunched on some celery.

"You're gonna ruin your appetite." She told him.

"I doubt that." He said he was starving. He was drinking tea that was half lemonade. "I'll get you some, if you want?" He offered.

She couldn't help but smile.

"This..is Corina and Joey." Mae pointed out as they were about ready to sit down to the spaghetti feast. "They work at the library."

"That's so cool." Sheena smiled.

Joey looked at her as if he might throw up, if she came any closer. He put his arm around Corina and she hugged him back, as if he must be the best boyfriend in the world.

Sheena looked at Omaha. Why couldn't he be that affectionate? As it was.. he was holding a glass of tea and munching on garlic toast. He was already into the main meal, and no one had sat down yet.

Yes, she was a little hurt. Of course, everyone knew they were together, but they weren't a couple like Joey and Corina.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think Sheena just needs to understand that everyone is different in how they show affection. :/