Monday, October 10, 2016

going under

going under

Were they the only two who showed up from the library?

Joey was a bit hesitant to go to this thing with Corina, but of course, she had such a charisma with the folks at the Half-Way place. She told them he had to go.

So here he was. Nervous. Naturally. And then to find out this wasn't actually a library function, after all.

There were Ben and Mae's friends from the neighborhood.

Joey felt a little sad, but then he did have Corina. Except, she was playing with a kid. Video games, no less.

Joey didn't know what to do. He shook hands, but didn't want to talk about his lame job. He was just a shelver at the library. Yet, he was getting more than minim wedge. Not that he'd discuss this with anyone.

And everyone was so friendly. Still, he knew NO ONE. He didn't even know Corina, that well. After all, she'd started at the library last week. She was a college student. Perhaps a tad dingy. Evidently, she knew the Dewey Decimal system. And she was sweet, in spite of being actually a bit of a flirt.

God, he hoped no one thought they were dating.

He looked up, and there SHE was. Chelsea. Plain as day.

Now he was definitely jittery. He closed his eyes tight. Excused himself to the bathroom. Maybe..maybe it was too hard for her to let go. Or was it him, not letting go of a figment of his imagination? Perhaps, because of the sudden circumstance, he needed her. Joey didn't mean for this to happen. How? How could he stop it?

Just when he thought, he'd forgotten her smile. Her dark but thoughtful eyes..and..

He splashed some water on his face. He was only seeing things. She was not real. No way could she be here. It couldn't be true. He could not let it be true.

Chelsea couldn't be back. She couldn't be.

Naturally, a knock came to the bathroom door.

Joey nursed his bottom lip. He could do this. He would have to do this.

But his heart beat quicken. He opened the door. There she was. Chelsea.

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I'm eager to see where this goes!