Sunday, October 9, 2016

more the merrier

the more the merrier

"I thought you guys would need a break about now." Ben cracked a smile. "Want to come over for some meatballs?"

Omaha looked at him, as if he'd never heard of such a thing.

"Its Mae's mother's recipe. She found it, and well, we gotta enough meatballs to last a month, so you better come over." Ben was almost begging, but Caden was swinging his hand about, as if not to forget he'd came along. "Please." He gritted a smiled. He then introduced them to Stu and Hannah who only lived a couple of doors down from Ben.

"Yeah, sure." Taylor was in. "Do we need to bring anything?"

"No, just Sara and call Sheena too. The more the merrier." Ben nodded.

"OK, let us clean up, we can be there in fifteen minutes." Taylor assured him.

Ben nodded. He turned to go home. Hopefully, no one had shown up that Mae called, but when he got to the driveway, he noticed and old Impala.

The new shelver was waiting with the other shelver Joey.

"I didn't know, you would be here?" He looked at Joey as if he was usually under lock and key. Yet, he'd never had to wear an ankle bracelet of any kind.

"Oh, Corina told them it was a work function. Sides, my time is practically up." Joey shrugged.

Naturally, Corina was her giddy self. Ben guessed she was OK, but she could be so giggly. For a second he thought those two might be dating, but then Corina took to Caden. They went to play video games.

"So, are you going to stay at the library?" Ben winced, hoping Joey was really OK. He'd heard some rumors, but he wasn't sure if he knew what Joey's problem was.

He nodded. "I'm getting my daughter back."

"You, have a daughter?" Ben hadn't expected that.

Joey even got out his wallet and showed him a picture of his little girl.

"Cool." Ben's eyes watered, only a bit. Why did things like this get to  him?

Just then Mae called him to get some ice in some cups, so Joey and Corina could have some iced tea.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ben breaks my heart sometimes. :(