Saturday, October 8, 2016

cleaning house

cleaning house

Everybody was so quiet.

Sara could sense something was up, with Taylor and Omaha. But what?

She needed them out of the house so she could mop the floors. Needless to say, no one liked to clean the floors around here. Evidently.

And she wasn't the best housekeeper in the world, but they might get sick if she didn't tend to this. She thought of her grandmother, how she lived for a spotless house. Sara knew she'd never make it that far. She didn't even want, too.

Still, a good cleaning before winter set in was inevitable. Who else was going to be the mom around here with these two?

So much too plan. Before she knew it, it would be Thanksgiving and Christmas.  How were they ever going to get married?

She'd had a long talk about this with Daisy. They didn't talk much at work, but on the phone they made time with each other. Usually making dinner. True, it was mostly texting, but still Daisy was her best friend. Sure, there was Charlie, but she was planning a wedding. Sara wasn't sure she had time for that.

But she'd learned, no one went to the Justice of the Peace. They didn't do weddings. Well, that was just crazy. She knew of friends who had in the past, but with same sex marriages on the rise, the county didn't do it anymore.

There was the pumpkin patch. But it was pumpkin season and the haunted house was in full throttle.

Some people got married at the big hotel along with a honeymoon suite, but that would cost a fortune. Then Sara would start in on Daisy. When they were they getting married?

"Not for a while." After all, she did have a baby bump now. "Maybe, we never will."

Sara didn't want to hear that. It felt like a bad omen.

So here she was again, deep in thought, scrubbing away on the kitchen floor and then she heard someone talking.

It wasn't Taylor nor Omaha. Only Ben. and he was with some other couple.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish she could focus more on her own happiness as opposed to the nosiness of others. :/