Sunday, November 6, 2016

a different melody

a different melody

Ellis watched Jung with the baby. He couldn't help but smile, knowing nothing like that would ever happen to him. Not in this life-time.

Deep down, he shared Jung's sorrow, too. How impossible it must be not to share the sound of the baby's cries to the world. Still, Ellis could see Jung and Irma were a very happy family.

Hopefully, Jung didn't think Ellis was the worst. Sure, Ellis was always the one who didn't want to do much of anything. Perhaps, it was the fact... of the day in and day out of a job... he was sick of.

Yes, Ellis felt his life was on hold, waiting for an adventure that would never happen. And each day he was reminded how life could grow so cold. Was that what was making him so bitter?

He got a call on his cell from Hannah's beau, Stuart.

"If you want to do this thing, at the recording studio, Callum's here. He's ready, if you are." Stuart's words almost made Ellis shake with fear. Stuart wouldn't hire him to play the little extras for musicians who needed instrumental backup, unless Callum agreed.

"OK, I'll be right there." He couldn't let this go. Even if he felt he'd trudged on during the day, after one performance after another at the funeral home. Those songs were soft and mellow, even quite sad, but this was a chance to play something he wanted to play. Ellis hurried out, saying good-bye to no one. He doubted they would miss him. Half the time, he felt as if he was a ghost, drifting in and out of the daily grind.

This would be different. He hoped this would be the change he was looking for.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope change is coming for him now - he deserves something good in his life.