Saturday, November 5, 2016

the name game

the name game

Irma was thankful Jung was waiting for her at the hospital. She didn't expect him to get there before her. Of course, she wasn't sure who Jung's mother, JoJo was more worried about. Her or Rowdy.

Soon enough they were in a suite. Honestly, she never expected it to be so nice. Of course, none of this stopped the pain, which kept coming so intense. It was hard to relax.

It wasn't long until the young woman doctor told her she'd dilated enough.

"What?" She'd heard far too many horror stories of being in labor for days. She'd been in pain for an hour at the most. "Are you sure?" What if she didn't want to have the baby right now?

"The baby is big enough." The doctor told her if they waited until the due date which was two weeks away, he would probably weight a lot more. "But its a good size." A little over six pounds.

Irma nodded as if she guessed everything was where it should be. She watched the baby on the screen. A full head of hair, already.

Jung only smiled and held on to her hand.

Irma looked over his shoulder and saw that JoJo was on the phone with somebody. What Irma really wanted to do was take a good long nap, but that didn't happen...the baby was coming.

15 minutes later, the baby was sucking on his little fist and wide awake and ever so pink.

Irma couldn't believe it.

All this times, she'd never thought of a name for their baby. She was lost for words.

"We should name him after your father." Jung thought that was the right thing to do, since the baby would have his last name.

"No, I don't want too." Irma said immediately. She didn't want to think of her father, every-time she looked at the baby. Her family had seldom ever got along. She smiled thinking of two of her favorite singers while growing up. Still that didn't seem quite right either.

"Lets call him... Justo." She knew no proper spelling of it. But it felt right. It was a bit like Jung, with a tad of an American influence.

Of course, Jung didn't understand right away, when she signed the letters to him.

Jung smiled as he watched the baby in her arms. Finally, she gave him the baby to hold. The baby cried, but that didn't bother Jung, in the least.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jung's happiness is catching - such a touching moment!