Wednesday, November 9, 2016

And then

and then

Molly was in tears. How was she ever going to get through this?

Of course, Ste was the last person she ever thought she'd have, show up at her house. After all, it was her and Archie living in her mother's house now. And they were expecting a bundle of joy next month.

It was suppose to be the happiest time of her life. Yes, she and Archie had a very quite wedding ceremony, months ago. Neither her nor his family showed up for it, but then they hadn't invited them.

Yes, it was just the two of them. Soon to be three and then Ste showed up. He was looking for Macy.

Of course, he was rather grief stricken. He didn't really know what to do with himself, lately. His brother overdosed.

"Honestly, didn't know he even.." He couldn't come to the conclusion that his brother might be a drug addict. "I knew..he had some highs and lows. And couldn't believe it, when he sent Macy away. I wanted to talk to her about it, but I never had her number. Since, you know, I saw her all the time at the shop..until I didn't."

She could see how final things looked from his perspective. She really wanted to wrap her arms around him and give him comfort, but then her stomach was all baby and Archie might think she'd really lost the plot.

Maxie's little brother was all on his own. Maxie had done himself in. How in the world was she going to tell Macy?

At first, Ste wanted Molly to call right away, but then he got cold feet. She guessed. "Maybe..maybe we shouldn't trouble her." After all, Maxie broke it off with her, over the summer.

Molly thought this, too. It was terrible news to share over the phone, but it was just as well to get it done.

"She was with him. She needs to know." But then Molly put it off, too. She didn't want to think about the grief.

Then Ste sold the bake shop. He didn't know how to make the recipies. After all, it was his brother's secrets. He was the baker, the smoker, Mr. Silence and sometimes, hostile to Ste.

Molly suspected they would never really know what all Ste put up with, over the years.

Finally, it came down to this. He would stay with them. Go to the Uni. Find himself. A dream. Something. And go on with things.

Still, this burden hung on to Molly. Relaying this old message to Macy. But the days turned into weeks and a good three or was that four months? She couldn't put it off another day. OK, she'd tried to call Macy a couple of times, but never reached her. YET.. this time..Macy picked up.

"Hullo." Molly felt her voice tremble. She hated being the barer of bad news.

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Molly has so much on her plate right now. :/