Tuesday, November 8, 2016

looking forward

looking forward

"Aw..I'm so happy for you." Hannah would have probably squealed in delight when she heard the news about Ellis' job, if Macy hadn't been in her kitchen. Hannah would be making a special dish for Ellis, right now. Maybe she'd still make cookies for him, even if he didn't eat sweets. She was glad he would be working with Stu.

She looked up to see Macy playing with the tea bag in the tea pot. Macy was her first official guest to have over at Stuart's.

Hannah told Macy about her brother, soon enough. She reached for a sugar cookie and bit into it.

"How many brothers do you have?" Macy wanted to know. Of course, she'd told Hannah already that she thought the tea was too weak.

Hannah told her about the two brothers who were older than her. "I'm the baby sister." She wanted to say that she didn't miss them much. But she was happy Ellis was going to do something for himself.

Macy said she would like to meet them, some day.

Hannah only nodded. Perhaps, she would have a dinner party. Still she needed more time to get settled with Stuart. They weren't sleeping together. She was only a guest in his house. She guessed this wasn't very American.

"So..what is it, you like about this Draco?" Hannah assumed Macy must be in a relationship with him. Everything was probably so casual. She knew they must have been having sex.

"Oh..he's..maybe..more than a friend. I dunno, where I'd be without him. But he's kind of like a big brother."

Hannah gritted a smile, thinking of her big brother bossing her around. She couldn't think that would be a good thing.

"And..and there is my Dad." Hannah told her that he knew all about the pregnancy. "I think he wants to be happy about it, but mom won't let him."

"Why? Why doesn't she want to be a grandmother?" Hannah wanted to know. She thought of her own mother, how she wanted their family to grow.  Hannah was certain that her mother wished to be a grandmother.

"It doesn't matter." Macy seemed rather grim of the idea of her mother wanting to get to know her and this situation. "I talk to dad, everyday. And he comes by a lot. My dad and I are closer now, than..than we've been in years."

Hannah nodded, hoping Macy would soon be that happy with her mother, too.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I can't wait to learn more about Hannah - she seems so curious about everyone else.