Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tiffany hadn't meant to scowl. Was she?

The last person she expected to meet at Thanksgiving was Irwin.

She might have frowned. She looked at Gordy. Of course, he was smiling. Sometimes, she thought he was an idiot. But she wouldn't say it to his face..because..well...he was a keeper.

He always listened. Always. Except, she never mentioned Irwin by name. And damn..there Gordy went, shaking Irwin's hand, like his long lost friend.

It couldn't be. They were friends?

Instantly, she felt a headache coming on, but she couldn't dare let that bother her now. Although, she winced, and Brick came to the rescue with some of her headache meds she'd hidden away in her mother's bathroom.

Leave it to her son, to know when stress was getting to her. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice while she and Brick disappeared into the kitchen for a Brick could explain everything.

1. Dewey had a sister. Tiffany wasn't quite sure if Julie was her familyor just Dewey's, but she knew she had to be in Big Sister mode. However, she knew Dewey wouldn't appreciate it. As it was Tiffany and Dewey never ever talked to each other.

2. Julie had a teacher boyfriend. They were both teachers, according to Brick. Naturally, this steamed Tiffany..rethinking why Irwin broke up with her. She would have broken up with him, anyway(but that was beside the point since she wanted to do the breaking up). After all, there was Gordy. Always at her side (well, after he graded papers) who was good at folding clothes, making soup, chili and even muffins. He always changed the light bulbs, as well as the oil in her old car. It was running like a charm this winter, thanks to Gordy. If only..she didn't mess it up with him. Not today anyway. Not ever.

The doorbell rang once more. As luck would have it, Terrence (Tiffany's ex..also Brick's father) showed up. He looked as if he'd just fell out of bed. What was HE doing here?

Tiffany looked to her mother, as she greeted him. Had she invited him, too..for Thanksgiving?

Well, of course, they'd make room for him at the table. Tiffany was in shock. But then she looked at Brick as if he'd gone and done something..they should all be proud of.

There was no smile on Tiffany's face. Just too much was happening. She could feel a melt down coming. All she wanted to do was scream at someone, but his smile was ever so endearing. Brick was happy. Finally.


Launna said...

Poor Tiffany... I am glad she has Brick to keep her grounded...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

There is definitely a full house for Thanksgiving this year - I hope they all manage to get along!