Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Over the woods

over the woods

Of course, Irwin was up for anything with Julie. However, he felt like he was walking a tight rope, lately. Maybe he was waiting for Tiffany's revenge.

Honestly, he hadn't had a thought about her. No, it was Julie on his mind.

But then usually Julie only had school stuff to talk about. Sometimes, they'd go out for a bite to eat, but he hadn't even attempted to give her a hug.

Maybe she didn't like to be hugged.

It seemed things were going well. He thought they might spend Thanksgiving together, but he didn't know how to bring it up. Then he'd have muddled thoughts..that if she was interested in him ..and they did...

It all came rushing back to an avalanche. He would have to tell her about Tiffany. But not yet. There was no reason, too.

It looked as if they might be in the friend zone forever. But this, meeting her brother at Thanksgiving..maybe, it might be a game changer.

"Well, you know I want to be there for you." The corners of his lips perked up. "I mean, are you sure? You really want to do this? Meet your brother..on Thanksgiving?"

He felt that was a pressure. But he knew she could get through it. She was brave. He loved her confidence.

She nodded, leaning against her classroom door.

"It'll be fine, if you're there." Her smile was open then, He'd never been to anyone's rescue.

So..there they were. Ready for Thanksgiving the next day. Julie even made a pumpkin pie from scratch. Irwin helped with the crust. It was a nice team effort.

Everyone was all smiles.

There was her brother Dewey, who looked a tad nervous, but Julie soon made him feel comfortable with kind words and soft laughter.

Irwin felt at home too, tasting the homemade eggnog. There was even a Christmas tree in the corner ready to be decorated, after dinner. Yet, Irwin managed not to be too far from Julie as she visited.

Oddly, he felt he might be at a funeral. He didn't know why. Maybe it was the suit and tie. Irwin was about ready for his second cup of eggnog. Then he saw Tiffany with Gordy at the front door, Irwin just about lost the eggnog on his tie.

The only thing he could think to do was to take Julie's hand. He cleared his throat, Julie looked back at him, as if she hadn't expected to see his hand holding hers.

Irwin was beginning to think this might be the worst place on earth to be.


Launna said...

Irwin should have told Julie about Tiffany earlier... I hope this goes okay for all concerned xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Good grief! I hope they can all put their differences aside in the spirit of Thanksgiving!