Tuesday, November 22, 2016

out there somewhere

out there somewhere

The papers had been signed as well... the marriage would partake out at sea.

"We're really doing this." Taylor's smile was open as he held Sara's hand. This thrill of getting married seemed to go on and on. It was exciting being on a ship. And he really loved everything to do here, except sleep.

He didn't like the cabin. The quarters were much more cramped than he imagined. Still, it was an adventure with Sara, which meant the most. However, they could have married each other, alone in the wilderness of Colorado Springs, but she nixed that right away.

Truth be told, he was a hunter, a camper, maybe even a mountain man at heart, but the whole family had helped put this marriage/honeymoon together. And on short notice too!

Of course, the marriage would be casual. Although, he was still wearing a suit and tie and she would wear a thrifted vintage dress.

"No BLACK FRIDAY to worry about." She smiled. Honestly, she'd never cooked Thanksgiving dinner, and he was certain she probably never would.

"What do you think Omaha and Sheena are doing right now?" Sara almost laughed.

"Aw..that kid, he can be fickle, you know." Taylor shrugged as they went to get a drink at the bar before sunset.

"Oh, but he needs you, to guide him." Sara smirked.

"I guess." He sighed, thinking Omaha wasn't so keen on his cousin Blackie wanting them to come to Thanksgiving. "I hope he's having fun." Taylor hoped they would always be friends.

"As long as he's not messing up my clean kitchen." Sara gave him the eye.

"I'm sure Sheena will see to it." Taylor pursed his lips. He was certain Omaha was up to something at the house. And it wasn't cooking.

He wasn't worried. Sometimes, they really needed to be away from each other.


Launna said...

Taylor knows Omaha... I am glad he's not worried... the do need a little time away from each other... xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder! :P