Saturday, November 19, 2016

Let there be light

let there be light

Betty felt as if this was the beginning of something when she got her house back.

True, her Brit had ditched a lot of stuff, but she'd organized, too. Betty found a note on a little blue box in her bedroom with a note from her daughter, "I don't know who these people are."

Betty sighed wondering what she meant. Instantly, she smiled when she saw the pictures of Buddy, Dewey's father. Most called him Kenneth.

It wasn't long until tears burned her eyes. He called her Boo. She felt laughter too, thinking of his smile and how he always put his arm around her.

She sniffed back what she could of her emotions, as she looked through the snapshots. Finally, she found a photo of Julia, Buddy's daughter.

She looked at the middle schooler's photo. Betty was sure she'd changed since then. Still, she was Dewey's family too.

Suddenly, she found herself thinking of Thanksgiving. A smile came to her face, wondering if it would be a full house. Brit might want to celebrate with Carson and his family, but Tiffany would be here with Gordy.

Betty would make homemade stuffing. She'd do all the work, even if it took three days.

And if she could find Julie...

That would be a long shot. No telling where that girl got off too. Of course, the people who took her didn't want Betty to have a thing to do with her. But that was so long ago. Maybe it would be different now.

She'd talk to Brick about this. He was pretty good at finding things on the Internet.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm curious to see what Betty turns up!