Saturday, November 26, 2016

old questions

old questions

Just how many times were the cops going to ask her these questions? It was old news to Betty, who was trying to be a good grandmother, after all.

But, she guessed she should have turned Terrence away, first thing. But they had company. And everyone was on their best behavior.

She was reminded of the little girl who would have been two this Friday, but she died at the hands of her father while her mother was at work. There was a restraining order on this individual, too. Why hadn't she thought about the restraining order on Terrence?

 Betty worried now... Julie must have thought the worst of them.

It was only Thanksgiving dinner. Betty thought feeding Terrence was the right thing to do.

Actually, it was all so mundane.

But Terrence was getting a little aggressive with his remarks to Tiffany. Betty should have called the cops then.

"Those two..always get in to it." She was straight lipped, realizing Terrence was more than a hot-head. She knew he did have his problems with addiction. She's always thought it was pot and alcohol. She didn't really know how serious it actually was, until now.

Betty winced hard, thinking of the fight that ended dinner. Terrence got a hold of Gordy and hit him, more than once.

She felt sad, thinking of Gordy. Yes, he'd hit him back. Still it wasn't enough to keep Terrence from taking Brick.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

What a terrifying encounter!


Launna said...

It's sad how we refuse to see people as they are... it is scary when we are faced with the truth...