Sunday, November 27, 2016

rainbows have nothing to hide

rainbows have nothing to hide

Gordy felt quite numb. It didn't matter about the punches. What really mattered was Brick.

He'd cried hours ago, It started up like clockwork, again. Perhaps a vigil of some kind, waiting..waiting for Brick to get out of surgery. Waiting for him to wake up.

Was that over 24 hours ago?

"My father never liked me, anyway." He'd blurted... sometime after they found out, about the pickup crash on the Interstate in Iowa. Of course, Terrence didn't get a scratch. Gordy guessed it might have been Terrence's way of getting back at Tiffany.

Gordy told her he'd been beaten, as a child. His father was a police officer so his pension was ever lasting, and of course, there was the good old boy network to protect him.

Gordy was always better off living at his Grandmother's. He mentioned his half-brother then. Gordy felt he didn't really know him. Still, Ral didn't have much to do with their Dad, even if their dad had spent a small fortune on Ral's education. The fact remained, their father was losing his mind. His dad didn't know Gordy at all, these days.

Luckily, Gordy managed to find his father some help out in Des Moines, where he grew up. Gordy didn't see him, anymore.

But this was now, and he felt more of a part of Brick's life, than he never knew he could. He wanted to be here for Brick. It was all so disconcerting. Didn't Tiffany see she needed to make things better with her son?

He wanted to be the best dad he could be, to Brick.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a heartrending time.


Launna said...

I like that Gordy wants to be a good dad... we really can rise above our childhood if we want to...