Monday, November 14, 2016

seizing the day

how true

It was clear, their home was  full. Xander was OK. It was a good way to get to know Ducky's brother.

"It won't be so bad." Xander patted Ducky on the back. Of course, their was the trip to Texas that Xander was putting off, indefinitely. He'd never thought his roots would be in Texas. Xander didn't want to think about it. "What's your brother's favorite food?"

"How should I know." Ducky was going to be late for work. They kissed and Xander sent him on his way with a lunch box.

Xander sighed, wishing Jamie was all they had to worry about.

Xander missed getting Dakota ready for school. Joey took care of that. Xander didn't think he was jealous.

Then of course, Corina taking over the kitchen. Fortunately, she was a good cook and she always cleaned up, afterwards. Xander couldn't complain. But why was Joey putting up with her?

He didn't think he actually liked her. But maybe he did. He was with her a lot. And they did things with Dakota.

Honestly, Xander felt he was on the backburner. Yet, Joey kept reminding him. "You have classes. You need to have time to study."

Now it felt all those months of taking care of Dakota were going down the drain. Seriously, Xander felt like a stranger in his own house.

He was about to go to the basement and ask if he could make anything for Jamie, but there was Joey in the doorway with his Viking bleached hair. It was the last thing Xander expected.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm curious to see what Joey's there for.