Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When the day is done

when the day is done

Ellis was grateful that the sessions generally didn't start until after three at the recording studio.

"You know, how musicians like to sleep in." Stu was always around. His grin was infectious. Ellis sighed back. He didn't want to be nervous. This was like a dream job. Still, there was his real job.

He loosened his necktie. He felt stiff in his suit.

"Hey, why don't you change." Stu told him.

"But, I didn't bring anything." Ellis looked at him blankly.

"People leave their clothes here all the time. And then ..or wear that commercial stuff we have around too." He tossed him some jeans and a tee.

Ellis winced.

"Don't worry," Stu said. "We washed them."

Ellis nodded as if he should have known that. Stu reminded him there were flip-flops next to the bathroom.

He  went to get changed. He did feel a little weird, as if he was definitely keeping secrets from his brother Emmett. Perhaps, he wanted to look for things to trouble him. Was he just a worrier, looking for more reasons to worry? Ellis didn't mean to be that way. But deep inside he did wonder if this was mistake.

He came out of the bathroom, feeling almost naked. He was so used to the suit and tie.

"Oh, there you are." It was Callum. "I have some things to go over."

Ellis nodded. He'd folded his suit neatly. After all, he'd wear it tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

He followed Callum down the thin halls. Actually, all the way to his office. Of course, it was covered with plenty of postures of Callum and his sister.

"I can't believe, you never heard of us." Callum smiled.

"Sorry, don't listen to the radio." Ellis shrugged.

"We were never on the radio." He smirked.

Ellis didn't know what to say. He wasn't sure he understood.

Callum handed over the schedule of what songs Ellis needed to know and what instrument he'd be playing. Some were the piano, but other times, the drums.

Ellis took it, but Callum continued to hold on to the script too.

"So..are you doing anything..afterwards?" Callum wanted to know.

"Huh." Ellis caught his breath. "I don't guess." He really hadn't thought that far ahead. He would be doing good if he ate a bowl of Cherrios before bed.

Callum bit a grin as if he could take care of that.


Launna said...

Ellie it is good to be back... once I am caught up with all my reading and commenting, I will have to drop back and skim many of the stories I missed that you wrote, there are many characters I miss and wonder how they are doing xox

Good luck with the writing, it is good to do something different from time to time... it is a good way to grow.

I cannot even discuss the election without tears, so I choose not to discuss it as much as possible... I am so grateful I am a Canadian. I worry about my family in the US... many of them have had to deal with things they should not from people who should know better...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Ellis isn't getting in over his head with Callum.