Wednesday, November 16, 2016

on to something

on to something

Callum cringed as soon as Ellis left his office.

He knew that didn't go well. What was he trying to do? Be a show off?

Honestly, he knew it was dumb to think Ellis might actually... really like him. Besides, Callum didn't like many people who WANTED him. It always felt .. THEY were the wrong kind. Perhaps, they might be after his money or clout or that person he actually wasn't.

True, he was probably over thinking it. He needed to stay calm. Relax.

It was an old mantra that never worked.

Still, he was beating himself up about this.

He couldn't ask Ellis any questions. He hated answering those questions. Still, he wanted to be upfront about this.

Then he got to thinking. Maybe Ellis shouldn't work here. Maybe he could dismiss him and then..a month or two later they'd meet at a bar..and would be history.

1. Ellis was an awesome musician. And the other musicians liked him, too. All of it kept Callum in a flutter. Yes, the session just kept going, way after 10 p.m.

2. He knew he'd never ever meet Ellis in a bar. He didn't drink.

"Well, you have to eat." Callum wasn't going to buy everyone something. Callum complimented him on his hard work. Honestly, he didn't know the group wanted to put that many songs on their CD.

Ellis shook his head, no. He told Callum he was too tired for dinner. "I have to get up early in the morning."

"How early?"

"A little before 5." Ellis said he made his brother breakfast.

"Like 4 in the morning?" Callum looked at him, as if he'd never heard of such a thing. "I was never that nice to my sister." He joked.

"Well, I could do it in my sleep. That's how long I've been doing it." Ellis was even lipped, as if he'd never done a naughty thing in his life.

"Come on, let me, a burger." Callum insisted.

Finally Ellis gave in. It wasn't long until they were at the all night diner.

Callum told him how he used to play the guitar a lot. "But, I don't do it much, anymore."

"My mother wanted me to play the piano, but I liked the drums more." Ellis' smile was open. "I really don't think I'm a people person."

"Yes, you are." Callum didn't believe him.

"Not really." He said he didn't have any friends. "Just my brother..and he's my boss..and well, my little sister Hannah..who's with Stu."

"Well..." Callum didn't know how to say it. "I want to be your friend."

The coffee came and Ellis drank his black while Callum needed lots of cream and sugar.

"Is it OK..if..if I call you, El?" Callum asked while he was stirring his coffee.

"What?" Ellis looked at him as if he'd only imagined Callum's question.

"Yeah, it sounds..I dunno International..or something,"  Callum said. "And..and you can call me Cal." He'd never let anyone call him that, until now.


Liza said...

I really like to see both sides of the story.. Getting to know how each of them is feeling and realizing that each seem to have a way different perception of themselves compared to what the other one is thinking!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

The two of them are so adorable together!