Monday, December 26, 2016

Bells will be ringing

Bells will be ringing

It was a relaxing Christmas, for the most part. And even better, the day after Christmas..a Monday off from work.

Omaha hadn't surprised Sheena with an engagement ring, but he'd given her a pretty heart necklace. Her mom was impressed. Omaha guessed it was sufficient. He and Sheena spent Christmas morning with Taylor and Sara.

Not a thought in his head about Minnie. But Sheena couldn't reach her that afternoon, by morning they headed over to Sheena's to see if she was there. She wasn't.

"Maybe, maybe she and Blackie made up." Omaha decided while Sheena was rummaging, hoping to figure out Minnie's whereabouts.

"You, won't even call him." She snapped.

He looked at her a bit bewildered. "Its really none of our business, OK?" He didn't want to fuss about it. Honestly, he couldn't stand his cousin. Seriously, he was only being nice to Blackie because Sheena thought he should be there for family. But, they'd never been much of one, and he couldn't explain it to Sheena, who was so close to her mother.

"It sort of is." Sheena told him he should call Blackie right now. Of course, he hadn't put Blackie in his contacts. He'd have to dig through his phone call log. Omaha gritted, thinking he guessed he'd have too.

A knock at the door happened before he could tap into Blackie's phone number. Sheena went to get it.

There was Mitch and a blonde girl was with him. Suddenly, Omaha's eyes were lit with nervousness.

"Oh..god." Had he said it out loud? Mitch was with Omaha's first big mistake, Emily.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Talk about an awkward encounter!


Launna said...

Oh my... I hope this goes okay...