Tuesday, December 27, 2016

hanging on the telephone

hanging on the telephone

Sheena was the hostesses with the mostest. She scurried around to make coffee. It was then she noticed the bed was made. It was as if Minnie didn't live here anymore. Her bag was gone. Of course, she didn't bring much and she didn't leave with much, either.

Sheena was happy to meet Mitch's fiancee. Still, she knew this was no time to have a party. Minnie was missing.

"I..I should have came over, yesterday." Sheena felt so guilty now. Why had they left her alone on Christmas? "I mean, she..she was at this party, some friends of ours were having. And..and when the ambulance came, we just got out of the way." Suddenly, she felt she would never shut up. Finally, the coffee was made and she poured them some and brought a plate of the leftover fudge and Christmas cookies. "I don't know where Minnie is." She looked to Omaha, who's thoughts seem to be elsewhere. He wouldn't even look at Mitch's fiancee, Emily.

Of course, Mitch looked a bit distraught.

"I told her we would try to see her as soon as we could." Mitch began. It was just a fluke he had off today and Emily was a school teacher on the Rez.

"Oh." Sheena smile. "That..that must be so rewarding."

Emily only smiled. She taught third grade. "Its hard to get into the public schools around here." She'd taught at a Catholic school before finding a job on the Reservation.
Omaha looked to be in a pout. Sheena took his hand and explained they worked for the same company.

Emily smiled. Omaha looked away, as if he didn't want her to notice him. Sheena pressed her lips tight, wondering what that was about.

"I..I bet she's with Blackie." Omaha nodded and pressed the number on his phone. He sucked in a breath.

Sheena could hear the phone ringing. They all waited in anticipation. Would Blackie ever pick up?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a suspenseful way to end things today!


Launna said...

I hope they figure out where Minnie is soon... Omaha and Emily will have to talk eventually...