Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

The first sight Rosie saw of Brick at the hospital left her with a chill. She'd never seen anyone so badly torn from life. She shuttered to think how bad it might have been. A part of her thought of him as a ragdoll, patched up. Yet, she was ever so thankful of the idea to spend Christmas with him.

"So, will you be here for Christmas?" She wanted to know, thinking she needed to get him more than candy.

"Suppose so." He shrugged while they watched old cartoon on Cartoon Network at his grandmother's house.

"I guess everyone is coming." She looked at the fat Christmas tree in the livingroom. There was a Christmas tree at Daisy's house, but it was hardly decorated.

"I dunno. I guess." He seemed indifferent.

"Is your Mom, here, a lot?" Rosie guessed she shouldn't ask. Actually, she was thinking of her dad. He hadn't called in a couple of weeks. At Thanksgiving, he made her think he would be here for Christmas, but she was doubting him now.

He shook his head, no.

"Oh." Rosie noticed her nose stopping up. That could only mean one thing. She might start to cry. She grabbed a snowflake cookie and bit into it. What in the world could she get Brick for Christmas?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Rosie will think of something incredible - I just know it!


Launna said...

Poor Brick, I think he needs Rosie, I am glad she cares about him...