Saturday, December 17, 2016

Here and now

here and now

Life was practically back to the way it was suppose to be. At least, Tiffany thought so. Brick was back at her mother's. He was back in school with a broken arm. His eye looked better even if he'd had to wear a patch for a couple of weeks.

"How can you say, everything is normal?" This was no time for Gordy to be getting into this, with her. Yes, he was busy at school. They even had him helping out at the University drama department, and he still found time to go over to her mother's house and spend time with Brick, even if it were watching TV.

"Believe me, I've seen worst." Oh, she could tell him a sob story or two. She'd been in a couple of wrecks with Terrence already.

Suddenly, she remembered the time on High School Drive when Omaha was in the backseat. She almost ran over Terrence, but Omaha hit the back window. She winced, wondering if he ever went to the hospital about that. Of course, she hadn't taken him. She was too busy arguing with her high school boyfriend, then.

There was Christmas shopping to do. As she looked up to Gordy, it didn't seem likely, he would be getting her a ring or anything. Even though, he'd looked at houses on the Internet, but he didn't do anything about it.

She was almost in a pout. Didn't he want to adopt Brick? Was that just emotions talking at the time?

"I know you think..this is all my fault." She started.

"Haven't we talked about this before?" He went to get some coffee and brought her some too. "You gotta stop thinking about it, and..and make things right,"

Usually, she felt so comfortable at his place. Always something to eat and clothes from the dryer smelled the way fresh linens were suppose too.. When did he find time to do it all?

"Well, maybe..maybe..maybe I'm glad Brick's with my mom." She finally admitted. Didn't he know how overwhelming life was for her? If things weren't out of sorts, then life was just blah. Now, it made her nervous. What was she suppose to do?

Gordy shook his head, as if that was not the answer.

"Then..then you're just going to have to marry me." She sighed as if she'd have to say it, if he wouldn't.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm interested to see where this dialogue goes.


Launna said...

I wonder how he will handle this...