Friday, December 16, 2016

she was the great debater

She Was the Great Debater

"Well, who is he?" Omaha wasn't going to sit around at home. He got to Sheena's apartment before she could even tell him everything about the mystery man in Minnie's life.

Naturally, he assumed the worst. That baby probably wasn't even Blackie's.

"BE QUIET." Sheena pressed her finger on his mouth. Of course, it was hard not to want to talk about this.

Omaha, looked at the time. It was dark..but not even 7 p.m.

"You're being too hard on Minnie." Sheena told him while she made a pot of coffee.

"When did you take her side?" He hugged himself hard as he leaned against the counter in the thin galley kitchen

"She says Blackie told her... it was all her fault." Sheena poured him a cup of coffee and handed it to him. "And..and she says they aren't really married."

Now Omaha was really mad at his cousin. He wanted to call him up, but first he wanted to see who was coming over. If he was worse than Blackie, then Omaha knew what to do.

Omaha was imagining the worst. Then Sheena would decide he(Omaha) was the worst. Probably, just trailer trash on the outback of the rez, stealing wild ponies, he thought to himself.

"Do you think we should get a Christmas tree?" Sheena then asked as she poured a little cream in his coffee and then into hers.

"What?" He looked at her, as how could she even think of Christmas, right now.

Finally a knock came.

Blackie beat Sheena to the apartment door. He let the visitor in. Immediately, Omaha looked him over.

He wasn't a renegade... at least, but still, he looked a little familiar to Omaha, but not really.

He introduced himself. He was Mitch Black Hawk.

"Oh." Of course, that didn't mean a thing to Omaha, but still he said it anyway.

"I run the library out on the Rez." He kind of smiled as if he was waiting for a joke.

"Library?" Sheena nodded, Omaha nodded with her as if this was good to know.

"So, what's up with Minnie?" His dark eyes were intense.

Omaha, winced, trying to place him, but he worked at the library.

"You work at a library, out on the Rez?" Omaha scowled more than he meant too. Who would dare do such a thing? Honestly, he couldn't imagine where it was.

"I'm a historian, too."

"Historian?" Well, that made all the difference, Omaha thought. Minnie must have been a whole lot smarter than he knew. " how do you know, Minnie?"

"We've..we've known each other, all our life." Mitch smiled. "She's a linguist, you know."

"A linguist?" Omaha winced hard. He didn't even know what a linguist did.

"She's been all over. Spent a lot time, over seas, during her education." He nodded.

Minnie was a world class traveler. Omaha found himself smiling.  He found himself laughing inside. Omaha could hardly contain himself, but Sheena flung the back of hand against his stomach.

Omaha cleared his throat and straightened up.

Hopefully, Minnie would talk to Mitch.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Mitch is able to get Minnie to open up!


Launna said...

I think Omaha should give Mitch a chance, it sounds like he really cares about Minnie ...