Thursday, December 15, 2016

just in case

just in case

"I..I don't know..what I can do..if..if you don't tell me what's wrong?" Was that too much to ask? Sheena went through all the things in her own closet, that... maybe Minnie could use. As in slippers, gowns, a housecoat, the blanket she hadn't used since she'd moved in here, five years ago.

Sheena's apartment was tiny, with only a bedroom to spare.

"I'll stay with Omaha." Sheena finally decided. Still, she wasn't sure if Minnie was in any condition to stay alone. "Can I call someone?"

Still, Minnie was being so silent. Her hands kept coming over her eyes, as if she didn't want Sheena to know exactly how broken hearten she was.

Sheena sat next to her on the bed. She put an arm around her. Sheena had never ever really been anyone's best friend. Except Omaha, and that was different. She'd never had any reason to be a real friend.

Sure there were acquaintances from high school and college and even work, but she'd never spent the night with any of them. She'd barely gone out to do anything with them. She'd always kept to herself. Honestly, she could see a lot of herself in Omaha.

Yes, they were probably reluctant to start anything, just watching the world go by. While people like Minnie, took life by the horns or maybe even the tail and took a swing at it.

"I knew it wasn't right from the start." Minnie sucked in a breath. Then she almost choked on her own tears. "He says ...I've ruined his life."

Sheena did her best from rolling her eyes. Sheena bet Minnie put up with a lot with Blackie.

"But..but..he married you." Sheena reminded her.

"No, he didn't." Her voice hardly spoke and Sheena knew it must have been an ache in her throat to even say it.

"Oh, God..are you really, all right?" Sheena tried to hug Minnie but Minnie threw herself on the bed and wailed just as she'd done earlier at Sara and Taylor's.

Sheena sighed and noticed Minnie's phone on the dresser. Sheena wasn't sure Minnie even had one. It was a Moto phone with no passcode.

Sheena immediately scrolled through Minnie's contacts. Of course, there was a secret code Sheena wasn't sure of, Contact:  INCASEOFEMERGENCY.

Finally. Maybe this was Blackie's number.

She looked back at Minnie who was practically asleep from exhaustion. Sheena clicked the number.

"Hello." Sheena didn't know where to start. Was she an idiot trying to involve Blackie in this? On one hand ..he really needed to know about the mother of his child. Didn't he care? Still, what if ..this only made things worse. Sheena knew she'd be sleeping on the couch tonight.


"Um, no." The male voice said. "This isn't Minnie, is it?"

"Well, who is this?" Sheena asked.

"Who are you?" He asked right back.

She looked back at Minnie, who was asleep now.

"You were under her 'in case of emergency' on her phone." Sheena then told him.

"What's wrong with Minnie?" He wanted to know.

It was kind of a long story, and Sheena didn't know where to start.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Minnie makes me worry. :/


Launna said...

I am interested to find out who Minnie's In case of emergency person is... I do wonder if Minnie will be upset with Sheena...