Saturday, December 3, 2016

down with that

down with that

Henry noticed lately that Josie stopped washing dishes altogether. She left them for him to do.

Maybe it had happened long before this, but he didn't really notice until after Thanksgiving. Granted, they didn't even have dinner at the house. They were at her parents. Of course, he washed the dishes, there too.

After all, Camille wanted plenty of time to play with Allie. Of course, they'd dressed her up in a holiday outfit. Pictures were taken... all around. Even his mom and dad got in on the picture taking. Next thing he knew, Allie was in her diaper wrapped up in her favorite blanket..that of course, Camilla had given her.

Henry could see now, Thanksgiving was more than about the food this year. It was about grandmothers holding the grandbaby. Allie was Camille's first official grandchild and his mother's first grand-daughter.

Still, Josie got away from doing anything, other than feeding and holding Allie, as the last resort. Just how long would she be on a vacay from housework?

The doorbell rang. Henry wasn't expecting anyone.

"Oh, its Xander." Josie mumbled something about yarn. She was upstairs with the baby.

"Hey." Henry smiled and lead Xander to the livingroom with various containers of crochet in the works. "Josie will be down."

"Whats in the containers?" Xander wanted to know.

"Oh, she hasn't told you." Henry gave Xander the 311 on all of Josie's crochet projects. "Some are older than others." He pointed to one plastic container. "I doubt she will even open that one. That was..well, a very long time ago.. when she thought she was going to crochet a blanket for someone on his birthday, but she got really depressed. And don't ask her about it." Henry knew he'd be in trouble with this. No one was to mention Josie's little boy that didn't know her now, but he was with good parents.

"I'm not sure what she wanted to do with the yarn." Xander looked as if he might be in, way over his head. After all, he was going to nursing school. He'd just completed his medic training and was working weekends at the fire station. When would he ever have time to crochet?

Xander explained there was a shortage of yarn at the hospital. Some used it for crafts while some of the better yarn went to a group that made hats for the newborns and preemies.

"So? She's giving it away?" Henry looked at him blankly. He'd never think Josie would part with her yarn.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

At least it will be put to good use.


Launna said...

I think Henry and Josie need to talk... it's emotionally tough for a mother when she has an infant around... it's not easy sometimes but I do think Josie should talk to Henry about how she is feeling....