Friday, December 2, 2016

within the reason

within the reason

When Xander thought of Omaha's hair, he couldn't help but think of Joey. He smiled as he clicked off his cell. He shook his head and went back to seeing to the dishes.

Yes, it felt like a long Thanksgiving weekend. Somehow they'd managed through, with out a fallout of some kind.

Of course, Jamie was still seeing Effy, but they didn't meet  up, until after noon dinner at Ducky and Jamie's mom's house. It was all rather formal, no unexpected guests. Not like later.

Later, was full of surprises.

Joey invited Patty, who came with someone..who wasn't her husband.

Xander didn't know what Joey was getting himself into.

" had a thing for her?" He mentioned, while it was the two of them in the kitchen. At least, Joey wasn't a beach blond, anymore. Still, Xander wondered just how many romances did Joey have going.

"What thing?" It was definitely a sore subject with him. After all, there was always Corina a few footsteps away.

"Are you just trying to get out of this..with..with Corina?" Xander didn't mean to pick a fight with him.

"Stop." Joey informed him that Corina was only a friend.

"Does she know that?" She was always making over him.

Joey said he owed Patty a lot.

"But..but you're not suppose to be friends with your group counselor." Xander didn't think it was right. Didn't he realize Patty was a professional.

Joey shook his head, no, ever so sleepily.

"Counselors need someone to talk too...too." Joey was even lipped about it. He told Xander about Patty's problem with her cop husband. "They're separated." He shrugged.

Xander wasn't sure they should get so cozy with these people they hardly knew, but Patty was seeing a colleague of Ducky's. All seemed to be right in the world. Corina's smile was always endearing.

Xander guessed it was a Thanskgiving that just kept giving. Patty had already made plans for everyone to come to her place for Christmas.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm so glad to see them all so happy right now!


Launna said...

There is a lot going on here... for anyone that has separated, people need to stay away from them, no one needs to be a rebound...