Thursday, December 1, 2016

in the thick of it

in the thick of it

Sheena really wanted to talk to someone, but there were only those generic questions she could ask Xander over the "How was your Thanksgiving?"

Of course, he hardly had time to talk. She should have text. He said it was a full house. They'd had dinner with Ducky's mom, earliter in the day at her place, but later had people over for an evening meal at their place.

"How was yours?" Xander wanted to know.

" Thanksgiving." Sheena bit a grin. There was no one around to keep her from telling the truth. "That cousin of Omaha's." She sighed, wondering where it went all wrong.

For starters, she knew Blackie was peeved with Omaha. Evidently, he gave Omaha an earful... when he saw the makeover she gave Omaha. True, maybe she went a little overboard, but they were seeing her mother that night, and she didn't want her mother thinking she was going out with a savage.

"I..I kind of tweaked, Omaha's look." She winced, trying to explain it to Xander.

"You, did what?" Xander's question really got to Sheena, as if she'd done a terrible thing.

"It's not that big of a deal." After all, they were doing lots of things together, since Sara and Taylor were gone. It just seemed like the natural course of things.. Maybe. "I mean, he's really OK with it." She thought so. "We..we are definitely in ..a relationship now." She didn't know what else to say about it. But it was not the end..just the beginning.

"Oh, really? Just what did you do to him?"

"Um, I cut his hair." She'd put some color in it, too.

"And you, didn't even go to beauty school." She could hear laughter in Xander's voice, already.

"If could do my nails, some time." Sheena said she desperately needed a manicure. No way, could she trust Omaha with her fingernails.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Someone needs to go to beauty school stat! She may be able to make a great living at beauty!


Launna said...

It sounds like she did a good job, nothing wrong with helping out a friend ;-)