Saturday, December 10, 2016

Holy Moly

holy moly

Omaha didn't know what to do when Minnie showed up.

After all, he was alone in the house, and he really didn't like to be alone with Minnie. Sometimes, she pinched his cheek, or an arm, an ab. He shook his head, no.

Maybe it was only a strange dream.

Of course, she hugged him for the longest time. Then he noticed she was crying.

She looked a little feverish..or was she about to faint?

He winced harder, thinking maybe..maybe the baby inside her just kicked him.

It must have been his imagination.

Omaha did his best to keep her at arms length.

"What happened!" He blurted a bit too harsh, but he was dealing with his cousin's wife.

"I'm leaving Blackie." She said it as if it was all still in motion of some kind.

"What?" He felt like shaking some sense into her, but he got her into a chair in the kitchen.

He needed to turn on the electric kettle. Wasn't that what people did in situations like this? They boiled water. He winced. Wasn't like she was having the baby now. Omaha gritted in thought.

He nursed his lip, thinking he should say "YOU CAN'T STAY HERE." But he couldn't. Even if Sara and Taylor were on their way home and Sheena was out buying fresh flowers and some take out.

Finally, he turned to look back at Minnie, but the chair was empty.

"Where did she go?" He said to no one in-particular.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Now where has she gone off to?


Launna said...

Minnie has a lot going on... I wonder where she went too...