Friday, December 9, 2016

what Irma didn't know

what Irma didn't know

"I really wish I knew if Josh was OK." Irma decided she might never know. Still, she felt it was a duty to report to him about how Thanksgiving went. Honestly, it was just a blur. In spite of trying to get every relative to hold Justo (her and Jung's infant), she always got the baby back to tend too. Especially, if he pooed.

Well, it was something of a laugh for Josh, who would find humor in her Thanksgiving story.

"I wish I knew what his wife was really like." She signed to Jung. "Why is she so mean to him?"

"Maybe she only looks mean." Jung signed with a sly smirk.

Irma rolled her eyes, at that. It was good to relax in their room while the baby slept.

Jung then told her what he heard from Slater.

"Slater?" Irma winced. When did Jung know Slater?

"I wasn't with you in K.C. (Kansas City) twenty-four, seven." Jung cracked a smile. He and Slater hung out, from time to time. "Josh couldn't go into the Army because he got in a fight. He was fighting for Tina honor, in some casino on the Rez."

Irma didn't know what to think. Sure, she knew their was a NO TOLERANCE in the military when it came to drugs...but fighting? Irma shook her head.

"And she's still mad at him?" Irma signed, ever so quickly.

"I guess." Jung signed back.

Irma wished Josh would find somebody else. Someone, who could appreciate him. After all, he was the closest thing... she had to as a brother.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Josh finds some happiness!


Launna said...

Sometimes we are too close to a situation to know what is good for us, I hope Josh thinks twice about some of the people he hangs out with..