Thursday, December 8, 2016

moving on

moving on

Josh decided not to be a stay at home dad. Besides, he could only take so much at the grocery store, as a shelver..late at night. Hopefully, this new medic gig was on the right track.

Of course, he was certain nothing would really make Tina happy. Not even the lottery.

They'd spent a silent Thanksgiving. Now he wished he'd just packed it up and given it to some of the Army people in her unit, who had no place to go.

"Oh, I have miles to go." He told Irma's mother over the phone. Oddly, Irma hadn't gotten in touch with her mother, but he usually called Irma's mother Val, once a week. For some reason, it was like talking to his mother, even if she was his mother's best friend. But since her passing, this empty spot of family had grown in his heart. He hoped some day, Irma could forgive her. Meanwhile, he text pictures of Irma and Jung's new baby.

"At this rate, you might be a nurse." Val sounded proud.

"I dunno." He wanted to get a handle at being a rookie. Honestly, he was not the best student, but he never let them down when it was hands on experience. Maybe he was a dummy, grades had never meant all that much to him. He was glad the course was short and happy they could put him to work. It was energizing.

"Have you made any new friends?" Val wanted to know.

Josh only smiled. At least someone asked.

"I guess." He shrugged. He did like taking classes with Xander, who could memorize just about anything. Actually, he'd gotten Josh to study. If it hadn't been for Xander, he might not be where he was.

Still..Josh might be bidding his time with Tina. If he found out, she'd hooked up with a certain officer, it really wouldn't surprise him. Somehow, he'd move he always did.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Josh doesn't wind up hurting.


Launna said...

Josh doesn't seem to get involved emotionally so that he doesn't get hurt... but then he will never really find love