Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Only a sister would know

"Seriously, I dunno what it is with Josie.." Henry sounded as if he was at his wits end.

Vada remained hopeful as she poured him more coffee. After all, it was her reign at Frankie's that had everyone cleaning up, lately. Even before and after Thanksgiving.

"Well, things will never be perfect. She has a right, not to always be happy..about everything. Winter does that to a lot of people." She sighed, thinking Alo might not be happy at the moment with her. After all, they'd spent Thanksgiving apart.

She didn't want Bear and Lottie around. So he'd stayed at the boarding house with them. Alo still hadn't found a house yet.

Seriously, she wished Bear would go back to Scotland and take Lottie with him, but she wouldn't discuss this with her brother.

She pushed some gingerbread cookies toward him.

"J.D. actually made these. He made the pies too." Her smile was broad. One way or another she'd whip that boy into shape. There were no sleepovers with that Asian girl, either. Yes, Vada was a true den mother. No more bad boy influences for her brother.

"J.D.?" Henry winced. "Who's that?"

"Someone, I wish Frankie didn't know. I don't like him a bit, but he thinks... he's won me over." She smirked, then said. "But that'll never happen."

Henry shook his head, still in thought over Josie's moodiness.

"It's just..I..I wish I could do something make her..not" He winced as if it would be impossible. "I'm afraid it would be wrong. It would be all wrong."

"Then..don't do anything." Vada looked at him as if he better get something perfect for Josie, this Christmas.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Henry and Josie can make it through this rough patch!


Launna said...

Guys always think they can solve every issue when really all a woman might want to do is talk about how she feels... maybe Henry needs to listen to Josie and not try to fix it...