Tuesday, December 6, 2016

tell me about it

tell me about it

"No..no..no..we've got enough yarn, before you go unraveling that-" Henry wouldn't let Josie take apart the unfinished crochet project(the special blanket for someone). Josie looked at him as if he was the one who'd lost it. Not her. Yes, someone was always a touchy subject..but then again, maybe that was why she was so distant to Derrick, in the first place.

Of course, it was Xander who was here to take the yarn. She meant to have it all sorted and a library of colors, but it hadn't worked that way. She didn't know why she did this to herself.

A lot of things were going well with her. She'd aced a six week course in infant care, and she'd done well with her pre-school education classes, too.

She even started working for one of the professors, to take care of her infant. Of course, she brought along Allie, too. It wasn't near the burden that Henry kept going on about. It was good money and she was learning a lot. And she didn't work weekends.

"I just don't have time for this kind of stuff." She closed the plastic lid on the old crochet project. She couldn't face it. She'd never done all the things she told Asa she would do. A part of her would always be a bad mother.

Why did she have such painful memories? Things like this were suppose to get..better..over time, but it felt rather bitter to her, at the moment.

She didn't know Xander was a medic, now. She changed the subject. Surely, Xander could stay for a cup of tea.

"When did that happen?" He'd been rather mysterious with her, lately. Why hadn't he told her?

"Not that long, I've only been at it, roughly two weeks." He nodded.

"You, should have said something." She didn't mean to sound angry, but then didn't they tell each other..everything? OK, she'd stopped telling him about all of Henry's aliments. She didn't want to make him out to be a hypochondriac.

Josie quickly went on to say... they needed to get the Christmas tree up.

"We did that Thanksgiving night." Xander smiled.

"Oh..well, maybe..maybe you guys can..can make Christmas cookies with us." Suddenly, she felt she had to top, whatever he said. She hadn't meant to be so peeved. Although, she couldn't decide who to be angry with. Maybe it was Henry, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm so glad that she's working towards a great goal. I only hope that Henry steps up a bit more!


Launna said...

I really think Josie and Henry need to talk... I am glad that Josie is coming along so good with the baby and looking after other children