Monday, December 12, 2016

is it on the list

is it on the list

Ben was certain Caden planned to have a holiday, everyday of December. There was caroling, making Christmas cards at the library, a food pantry drive, the cake walk at the church. The list went on and on. Except, Caden wasn't too keen sitting on Santa's lap.

"I know, I never liked it much, either." Ben thought of all those pictures where he was crying in Santa's lap when he was a kid. "Just be brave." Ben told him, as they watched the planes come in at the airport.  Taylor and Sara's flight was an hour late. Though, Ben and Caden didn't seem to mind. Mae was off at the airport gift shop. Something about no taxes, but everything there seemed a small fortune.

He didn't dare want to know what she was up, too.

"What do you think Mae would want for Christmas?" Ben almost said Mom since Caden made the mistake all the time. They hadn't exactly explained everything to him about being his parents. Yes, there was a lot they were slacking off, lately.

1. The  most important conversation ever with Caden.
2. Getting married.

Why was this short list so hard to do?

Well, there was work. He was at 30 hours a week now at the library. Mae was full-time. And Christmas was coming. She vowed this Ugly Sweater Party would be fantastic this year.

Ben tried not to grimace when she talked about it, but she was already stocking up on cheap wine.

"We'll mix it with ginger ale," Mae said she knew what she was doing. Ben wouldn't dare disrupt her theory. But he did hope her cheeseballs were edible this year. He thought everything should be store bought.

Oh, the little arguments that developed over discussions in the kitchen were endless. He'd gone on the ketogenic diet to lose some weight. However, Mae loved her carbs and he couldn't have any.

Before he could dwell on Christmas, anymore, there was Sara and Taylor tanned and refreshed.

Ben was feeling so gray.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Ben cheers up in time to enjoy the holidays. He needs to catch a bit of that Christmas spirit!


Launna said...

I wish Ben wouldn't be so jealous and try to enjoy the Christmas holidays xox