Tuesday, December 13, 2016

They're back....

They're back...

Sara really hated to come back to earth. Since this new high of being a newlywed was like some sort of religion, but there was always home and what came with it..Omaha.

She was all smiles, doing her best to listen to Mae and Ben's life with their child. It was all so mind-boggling. She wouldn't dare try to pick up their lingo. She wanted to tell them, they were idiots, letting their child control them with Caden's words and even gestures. Seriously, these two needed help, but she wouldn't go there.

No one was going to break this bond she had with Taylor. Honestly, they'd been glued at the hip for most of the honeymoon.

But it was freezing here. No way could she get warm.

Taylor hugged her and her teeth chattered on the way to the car. Instantly, she knew she was coming down with something. He practically held her in the car.

Mae told Caden not to watch, while she broke parts of a Kit-Kat candy bar to share with Ben and Caden.

Ben was driving.

BEN WAS DRIVING. She looked at Taylor as if that was not suppose to happen.

"What?" Naturally, he never noticed anything. "Oh, Ben's driving." He cracked a smile. There was laughter in his voice.

Sara squeezed her eyes shut, wishing they'd get home before they got in an accident.

"Oh, yeah..." Ben looked back at him in the rear-view mirror. "I got my license, just last week."

Of course, Mae wasn't even watching him. She was whispering something in Caden's ear.

Sara was ready to scream, but she held it in, hoping they knew just how perfect she really was.

And...finally.... the house.

Ben helped bring in the things. They were met by Omaha and Sheena.

Thankfully, the house looked professionally cleaned. Sara couldn't think of a better gift. Sheena showed them to their honeymoon suit. There were roses on the dresser, along with a beautiful gift basket of lotions, towels and other couple things.

Sara gave Sheena hug. She knew it was all her doing. Omaha was helpless without her. That's when Sara noticed the girl in the kitchen.

"Did you guys hire a maid?" Sara's eyes were so big with excitement.

"Oh, no." Omaha looked at her as if she'd really lost it. "That's just my cousin's wife." He winced. The she noticed he was laughing at her. She might not have heard him chuckle, but she knew it was deep inside him, as if he knew just how materialistic, she actually was.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sara seems like she could be a bit high maintenance. :/


Launna said...

Sarah expects a bit much, hopefully she's willing to put in the work...