Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Its an Ugly Sweater Party

Its an Ugly Sweater Party!

How did she do it? Mae hadn't found a single gift for anyone, but herself.  She hadn't meant for it happen. It was obvious. She didn't know what anyone wanted.

And the party. Well, of course, she had Ben's mother to help her with the food. Yes, she was beginning to think she was a little spoiled. Perhaps, it was better this way. She didn't have to think about her troubles with her wayward sister and Caden.

Of course, it was established, who had custody of Caden. She did. Still, she knew it would be a true Christmas, if perhaps Ben was took over the whole custody thing. She really didn't want to get into it. Still, it was in the back of her mind, that it needed to be taken care of..and she didn't even know where to start.

But she wouldn't think about that tonight. It was an ugly sweater party.

And there were some ex- co-workers, she hadn't seen in a long time. Sam was there. It was the first time, Mae realized that Sam was pregnant.

"OH MY GOD." Mae almost gave her an alcoholic beverage. "When's it due?" Oh, she was twenty question.

1. Sam would have a baby girl by the end of March.
2. Sam and Sky would be married this summer.

Mae kept smiling, happy for Sam, even though, she'd never really liked her. Mae suppose it was envy. She was past that now.

"Well, I hope everything goes well." She mingled on. There were the neighbors, Hannah and Stuart.

Of course, Ben invited a lot of people from the neighborhood. They just kept coming.  She saw Sara next to the chips and dips, but she wasn't eating anything. And Omaha was here with his girlfriend. Evidently, his girlfriend invited someone, too.

Omaha introduced his cousin's wife. Evidently, she didn't have a name of her own. Finally, she told Mae.. she was Minnie. It was such a big party.  Mae couldn't believe this many people would show up to an Ugly Sweater Party.

Now, if only the games could be fun. She looked through her list. Did she dare start pin the ugly sweater?


Launna said...

Mae is oblivious to her surroundings... it is good that she wants to make the party fun but there is more going on...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Mae is so self-absorbed - she can't see past the tip of her own nose. :/